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Review dashboard (updated)

The review dashboard helps a reviewer and their team get a sense of their progress in their review.  The dashboard is divided up into three stages; Title and Abstract screening, Full text screening and Extraction.  The extraction stage includes quality assessment as well as data extraction.  You can access the dashboard by clicking on the review title (next to the home icon). If you're working with multiple reviews, clicking a review in your review list will also land you here.

Status of studies

From the dashboard you can get a sense of how many studies are in each stage in the process.  From the example below we can see that there are 20 studies still to be screened for title and abstract, 13 studies requiring a full text review and 2 studies to be extracted.  We can also see that 4 studies have been screened as irrelevant, 10 require a second vote, and 1 has been excluded at the full text stage. Finally, we can also see that there are 5 conflicts which need to be resolved.


When you click on one of the stage panels you'll get a detailed view of the progress of that stage.  The left section shows the progress of the team and the right section focuses on what the logged in reviewer has done and could do.