If you're trying to find a particular study while screening within Covidence, you can narrow down the results returned in the study list screen by clicking the "Filter" button.

Clicking "Filter" here will bring up the filtering form:



This form allows you to filter by keywords that your studies may contain. The "Filter by" buttons allow you to narrow down your searches:

  • Title and Abstract: Searches for keywords in either the title and abstract only.
  • Authors (exact match): Searches for author names that match a keyword exactly.
  • Authors (fuzzy search): Searches for author names that match a part of a keyword. Helpful if you have author names like "Ngoyi Ngongo", "de Jonge", "St-Jean" or "O'Neil".
  • Everything: Searches for keywords in title, abstract and author names.

On top of this, if you include a publication year in your keywords for the search, all of the above "Filter by" options will rank studies with that publication year higher than ones without. For example "Lehtola 2015" will rank studies from the author "Lehtola" published in 2015 higher than studies that were not published in that year.