Covidence allows you to input certain keywords that might indicate inclusion or exclusion to a reviewer. By allowing these to be highlighted, we hope that screening might be a little easier!

To access this feature, navigate to the Settings, and then Eligibility Criteria page. On this page, locate "Highlights" on the top right. 

When you click on "Highlights", you will see the dialogue below, where you can add and delete keywords for highlighting.


On your screening page, when "Show highlights" is selected, inclusion keywords will be highlighted in green, and exclusion words will be highlighted in red.



Now you can highlight key phrases!

To help you quickly identify relevant studies you can now set key phrases to auto-highlight on titles & abstracts. Covidence auto-highlights the exact key phrase. For example, if you set the key phrase “HBV exposure” or "school-based" then all instances of “HBV exposure” or "school-based" would be highlighted. 

Similar to highlighting keywords, inclusion key phrases are highlighted in green, exclusion key phrases are highlighted in red.

You can also add these to your review by going to Settings > Eligibility Criteria > Highlights.