That’s why we’re thrilled to have recently launched Extraction 2.0, redesigned and rebuilt based on feedback from our Covidence user community. Get rid of the time-consuming and clunky methods, there’s now a more flexible and intuitive way to do data extraction within Covidence.

Join us we go through:

- What’s new in Extraction 2.0 and why we improved it
- What study types, review types, and quality assessment types are now supported
- How to save time with the new template builder
- Our top five tips to consider before and during your next data extraction

We’ll also aim to answer questions at the end, whether that’s about data extraction itself, or using Covidence to do it.

This session takes place on:
Thursday, 1 October, 12:00pm EDT

This session will be led by Nancy Owens, Head of Community Management at Covidence. Watch the introductory video below to get a brief overview of the new features and functionalities available in Extraction 2.0!