That’s why we’re thrilled to have launched Extraction 2.0, redesigned and rebuilt based on feedback from our Covidence user community. Get rid of the time-consuming and clunky methods, there’s now a more flexible and intuitive way to do data extraction within Covidence. You can get a quick introductory overview of new features available here:

And if you're ready for more, you can watch the video recording of our recent Introduction to Data Extraction 2.0 webinar. This session provides information on:

- What’s new in Extraction 2.0 and why we improved it
- What study types, review types, and quality assessment types are now supported
- How to save time with the new template builder
- Our top five tips to consider before and during your next data extraction
- Q&A session with webinar participants



And if you'd like more detail on our top five tips, you can watch our full webinar and review this one-page resource.