You can remove a co-reviewer from your review via the Settings >> Reviewers page by clicking ‘remove reviewer’ next to the co-reviewer that you wish to remove. 

In screening

If a reviewer is removed from a review a the title and abstract or the full-text review stage, they will no longer be able to work on a review, but their votes will still be counted, so you will still see them as having contributed to the votes cast.

In extraction

In Extraction 1, a reviewer cannot be removed if they are associated with extraction of data.

In both Extraction 1 and Extraction 2 it is possible to re-assign the extraction or quality assessment forms of the same studies to another reviewer. You can do this by clicking on the 'Manage reviewers' function beneath each study. During re-assignment, the system will ask if you want to keep work already done or start over.

If the person being removed has not contributed to or been assigned to any data extraction or quality assessment, they can be removed from the review. They will not be notified of this change. They will no longer see the review in their review list or be able to access any of the data.

Note that removing a co-reviewer from your free trial review will not credit you the option to invite an alternative co-reviewer. If you'd like to do this, you'll need to upgrade your subscription to a paid plan.