What is happening?

We a have a scheduled full site outage happening on Monday, 26 April from 11am AEST/3am CEST/2am BST (Sunday, 25 April 9pm EDT/6pm PDT). We expect the site to be offline for at least four hours while we add extra capacity to our technical infrastructure.

What does this mean for my team and me?

The Covidence platform will be inaccessible to all users for working on review projects for at least four hours while the outage is ongoing.

Why are you doing this?

We are doing this necessary maintenance to our infrastructure so that we can continue to provide all Covidence users with a stable platform to conduct systematic and literature reviews.

How will you let me know when we can access the site again?

You can subscribe to our maintenance page or follow us @Covidence on Twitter. 

Is there any danger of losing my data?

Our tech team is taking all necessary precautions to ensure that all data will remain intact and secure throughout this process.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to our Community team at support@covidence.org. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we complete this necessary work.

The Covidence Team