Systematic Reviews & Evidence Synthesis Projects

To learn more about conducting systematic reviews or other evidence synthesis projects at University of California, Davis, visit our Systematic Reviews information page.

How to join UC Davis's license to Covidence

To request access to UC Davis Library’s Covidence account, you must have an active email address.

Go to UC Davis Library's Covidence sign up page.

  1. Enter your information (be sure to use your active email address) and select “Request Invitation”.
  2. You will receive an email invitation from Covidence.
  3. Accept the invitation sent to your email, then finish creating your account.

Creating a review under the UC Davis license

When creating a new review, you'll have the option to use your personal account license, or the UC Davis institutional license.

Note that if a review is created under the institutional license, it will be visible to the administrators of the UC Davis Covidence license.

When creating reviews under the UC Davis Covidence license, you may manage an unlimited number of reviews, and can invite additional reviewers regardless of their affiliation.

Once you have an account set up under the UC Davis Covidence license, you can access Covidence directly by going to and logging in.

As with any software product, please ensure mindfulness and compliance with managing private information and be aware of Covidence’s privacy policy.

Need to speak with a librarian?

If you have questions, please contact a librarian.