You can access your review’s PRISMA flow chart at any time from your Review Summary page. 


When you import references, they will immediately be displayed in your PRISMA diagram. As you progress through your review, each stage of the PRISMA will continuously update to reflect your completed work.

Upon importing a file, Covidence checks for duplicates and quarantines duplicate references. The number of duplicates detected and removed across all imports is displayed in PRISMA.

Initially, all references are counted individually. Covidence then checks for study IDs that indicate multiple references should be merged into an associated study and merges them accordingly. On the PRISMA diagram, the import box will display both the number of references and the number of studies. All subsequent boxes display the number of studies only.



If a user manually merges more references into a study once they’ve reached the included list, this will automatically alter the PRISMA. The reference count will stay the same, and the study count will update to reflect the most up-to-date version of these numbers. 






The box that lists full-text exclusions will also give a count of the number of studies excluded for each exclusion reason. 








To export the PRISMA from Covidence, you can take a screenshot of the image, or you can export the information as text by clicking “Export Data”