This information is about Extraction 1.0. It is not currently possible to export data to RevMan from Extraction 2.0

Exporting studies to RevMan 5: 

When you have completed the consensus stage of quality assessment and data extraction for each included study you're ready to export your data to Review Manager.

Watch the tutorial to see how it's done.

Covidence will export the following information to Review Manager:

  • List of included studies
  • List of excluded studies including the reason for exclusion
  • Characteristics of studies which includes:
    • Risk Of Bias table (decision, quotes and comments)
    • Study identification
    • Study design
    • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
    • Baseline characteristics
    • Intervention characteristics
    • Outcome names
  • Outcome comparisons
    • We will let you choose which comparisons to include
    • All outcome data collected is standardized before export
    • Outcomes with multiple time points are subgrouped
  • Any notes that were collected during the extraction process.

You will be asked to provide Covidence with your Review Manager file.  The system will then modify the file with the information from your review and return it to you for download.

***Please note the following information which may affect whether and how you use Covidence before transferring work to RevMan:***  

Setting up custom effect measures in outcome tables
Please note the warning message which appears when setting up new effect measures in your outcome tables. There's also more information available on this in our Knowledge Base article 'General information for Cochrane authors'.


Exporting studies to RevMan Web:

It is not currently possible to export from Covidence to RevMan Web. If you export to RevMan 5 (desktop version) and are unable to transfer your data from there to RevMan Web, we suggest the following workaround:

  • Open Revman 5
  • Check out your review from Archie
  • Import data from Covidence into RevMan 5
  • Check the review back into Archie
  • The data will then appear in RevMan Web

If you need any further guidance on this process, please contact Cochrane Support at .