When you have completed the consensus stage of quality assessment and data extraction for each included study you're ready to export your data to Review Manager.

Watch the tutorial to see how it's done.

We will export the following information to Review Manager:

  • List of included studies
  • List of excluded studies including the reason for exclusion
  • Characteristics of studies which includes:
    • Risk Of Bias table (decision, quotes and comments)
    • Study identification
    • Study design
    • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
    • Baseline characteristics
    • Intervention characteristics
    • Outcome names
  • Outcome comparisons
    • We will let you choose which comparisons to include
    • All outcome data collected is standardized before export
    • Outcomes with multiple time points are subgrouped
  • Any notes that were collected during the extraction process.

You will be asked to provide Covidence with your Review Manager file.  We will then modify the file with the information from your review and return it to you.

Please note:  At the moment Covidence only supports exporting outcome data to new reviews.  If your RevMan file already has outcome data in it we will not be able to append new data.

If there is pre-existing information in any of the sections listed, it will be overwritten at the time of export. Any information outside of these sections, for instance a protocol, will be unaffected by Covidence's export tool.