In Extraction 2, you have the option for single-reviewer extraction. You can select this in Settings.


What will happen to the data extracted in dual-reviewer mode when I switch?

If two reviewers are assigned to a study, all data will be preserved but only one reviewer will be required to complete their extraction before the study can progress to the checking stage.


What will happen to my data when I switch from single- to dual-reviewer extraction?

If you change the setting from single- to dual-reviewer, the studies that had been completed in single-reviewer mode will move back from 'Complete' to 'In progress'. If you do not want a second person to score these, we suggest the following workaround:

  1. Ask the second reviewer to select 'Begin extraction' for each study, enter no data in the form, and send the form for consensus.
  2. The first reviewer (i.e. the person who already completed their extraction for that study) then needs to complete the consensus to move the study through the workflow and finalise the data. And as the second form will be blank, there will be no conflicts to resolve.