Whether you’re just getting started with helping to administer a Covidence account for your organization or are a well-established account administrator, Covidence’s dashboard for organizational account administrators can help you to manage access and progress for your user community more effectively. Working in close collaboration with our product development team and incorporating key input from our knowledgeable user community, we're continuing to develop new features and functions to make account management more efficient: 

  • Up-to-date metrics at your fingertips - the ‘Overview’ page provides a snapshot of the number of reviews and authors currently working in your repository

  • Organizational repository lists are dynamic and interactive – view, sort, and search author and review lists

  • Administrators have improved insight into reviews – get direct access to settings, progress, activity, authors, and other key information for all reviews in the organizational repository

  • Administrators also have better oversight over author activity – membership status, review participation, invitation status are all accessible and manageable from within the dashboard

  • Expanded invitation functionality and oversight – administrators can set up, manage, and update invitations to the account and individual reviews  


Membership status

The organizational account has three types of membership: non-member, member, and admin as shown:


Non-members are reviewers who have been invited to work on a review in the organizational account.

Members are reviewers who have accepted an invitation to join the organizational account.

Admins are members of the organizational account who also have administration privileges, such as the ability to grant and revoke membership of the account and to view all the reviews in the account.

The access levels for each membership status in an organizational account can be summarized as follows:

We provide training for Administrators. You will be offered this training as part of the onboarding process if you are a new organization  joining Covidence.

You can organize training for new administrators on your account by contacting the Support team at support@covidence.org.

If you've got questions about this or any other aspect of setting up and managing organizational subscriptions or accounts with Covidence, please feel free to contact us at support@covidence.org.