If you have a Covidence account, sign in using your primary email address and password that you created during account setup. If you initially logged in via Cochrane (formerly known as Archie), you need to continue logging in this way. Just click the purple sign in button, this will then redirect you to log in via the Cochrane log in page.

If you forget your password:

You can request a new password by selecting 'forgot password.' If you logged in via Cochrane, request a new password from the Cochrane sign-on page.

If you can't access your account:

1. Ensure that you’re using your primary email address for login.

2. If you attempt to log in or recover your password with an email address, and Covidence says that this email address is already in use, but you can’t access your account, it could be that you’re using a secondary email address.

In such cases, please contact Covidence support to confirm your primary email address. Our team is here to help you regain access to your account.

Logging out of your Covidence Account:

To sign out of Covidence, place your cursor over your initials in the top right hand of the screen, use the drop-down button to navigate to the bottom of the drop-down menu and select 'sign out.'


Check out our short video on how to sign in and out of Covidence: