If you have uploaded an incomplete or incorrect set of references, and not yet taken any actions on this import, you can undo the import.

To undo, click the Import studies tool, then click Import HistoryYou can view your imports on this page, and if appropriate click the Undo Import button to remove this set of references from your Covidence review.

The undo function is only available if there has been no activity with any of the imported references i.e. if you have screened references or begun data extraction or quality assessment and so on for references from an import, the Undo Import button will not be visible.

In the event that you have begun screening references and are no longer able to undo an import of unwanted references, but do not wish to lose work already completed, we recommend that you use the following workaround:

Selectively identify the unwanted references and vote 'No' on them to move them to 'Irrelevant' and remove them from further consideration. (You may additionally wish to add a tag to these references to identify them as belonging to this particular category.)

Our support team are also researchers and understand the need for occasionally tweaking search strategies at the beginning of your review. If you have therefore imported a file in error, but no longer have the option to undo the import, and do not wish to use the workaround outlined above, then please contact us at support@covidence.org. If you’ve not yet exported any data then we may be able to assist you by re-setting your review.

Please note that this is an option that we reserve for special cases and one-off instances. Doing so will remove all citations and votes while maintaining those co-reviewers who have accepted their invitation's and most settings. In order to proceed with this action we will also ask you to confirm the title of your review.