The University of Nottingham is delighted to announce we have purchased an institutional licence to Covidence. We are running a 1-year pilot (30 June 2023 to 29 June 2024) to understand usage across the institution and the benefits that the tool can provide for researchers involved in evidence synthesis reviews.

Updated on 21 Mar 2024:

Unfortunately, the institutional licence will not be renewed -

After the licence ends on 29 June 2024, no new reviews can be started, however, any reviews started before this date will still have 12 months until 30 June 2025 to complete and finish work in Covidence. 

After 30 June 2025, the reviews will be read-only.


Covidence is a web-based software platform that streamlines the production of systematic/scoping, rapid and evidence-synthesis reviews. It supports citation screening, full-text review, risk of bias assessment, extraction of study characteristics and outcomes, and the export of data and references.

Benefits to University of Nottingham access to Covidence?

  • Unlimited records for each review
  • Unlimited number of reviewers for each review
  • Unlimited number of reviews

How to join University of Nottingham institutional licence account:

You can create your personal account sign-in information with Covidence before or after joining the institutional licence account. To request access, you must use your University of Nottingham domain email address ( 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your information (using your email address) and click "Request Invitation" link
  3. An email invitation will be sent (may need to check your spam folder): click Accept Invitation
  4. Sign in if you already have a personal account with your university email address or sign up for a new account (recommend to use your university email as this will make it easier to affiliate with your university's licence) 

After creating a personal Covidence account and joining the University's licence account, you will be able to sign in from anywhere by visiting:

Watch the bespoke 4-minute Introduction to your Covidence video with steps on how to join and start a review


Starting a review within University of Nottingham licence account:

  1. Sign in to Covidence
  2. Select the 'Start a new review' button
  3. Under 'Which account do you want to use?', MAKE SURE TO SELECT - 'University of Nottingham'

If this was not selected, please contact to request your review to be amended. 

Reviews created using University of Nottingham account will only be visible to Covidence subscription administrators at the university.

Reviews created by you are only accessible to you and your invited reviewer team.

Once you have created a review or accepted an invitation to another University of Nottingham account review, the title will appear in a separate section on your account homepage:


To learn more about the Library support available for systematic reviews, please visit the library guide: Literature & Systematic Reviews, or contact for more information.

Covidence offers a range of available resources and support to help you along the way with your systematic review process. 

Getting started with Covidence - video tutorials that guide you through the initial area to get you started.

Covidence Knowledge Base - home to all of our comprehensive articles, instructions and advice to FAQ.

Covidence Academy - combines all of our learning material into a single space. You can easily navigate to find the latest ‘How to’ guides on the different types of review processes, step-by-step video tutorials on all stages of Covidence stages, and helpful links/tools to additional resources. 

Online Support Team - contact our team for support on your review by emailing

When logged into your account, you can also easily contact the Support Team and the comprehensive articles from our Knowledge Base within Covidence by clicking the 'Need help?' button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.