1. Export to RevMan:

The data sections of the RevMan file being used for the export do need to be blank, as it is currently not possible to merge a Covidence export into an existing review and this will overwrite an existing RevMan file. 

We recommend exporting using a new blank RevMan file to do the data export. More information can be found here: https://support.covidence.org/help/export-study-to-review-manager

It will then be possible to drag/cut and paste information from the new RevMan file into the existing RevMan file to integrate the updated information.

The studies can also be added to your existing file by exporting the included and excluded reference lists and importing these into your RevMan file. More information on this can be found here: https://support.covidence.org/help/exporting-study-lists-to-your-reference-manager


  1. Custom effect measures:

If you create any custom effect measures in the outcome tables, there are not exported to RevMan and will need to be added manually. The data can be exported to excel or CSV.


Further information for Cochrane authors can be found here: https://support.covidence.org/help/general-information-for-cochrane-authors