The bulk PDF Import tool is a premium feature available on all paid and Cochrane reviews. It is currently in beta, meaning the tool is still under development.
It enables you to upload all of your full text review PDFs at once. 
To use the tool, follow the steps below:
From your review's homepage in Covidence, go to the Export studies tool.
  1. Export your Full text reference list from Covidence to EndNote, Zotero or Mendeley.
  2. Import the references to your selected reference manager.
  3. Find the PDFs and attach them to the corresponding reference
    • This can be done manually or by using automated find full text feature available in many reference managers.
  4. Export the list of references from EndNote, Zotero or Mendeley in EndNote XML format
  5. From your list of studies for full text review, click on the "Bulk upload PDFs" button.
  6. Click select file and upload the XML file.
  7. To the right of this uploaded file, drag and drop or select the PDF files associated with your references from your computer.

    This will be easiest if you have stored all of your associated PDFs in one location.

    • If you've used an automated find-PDF feature, PDFs will be automatically filed by the reference manager in a programme-specific directory.
      • EndNote automatically stores PDFs in individual folders. To avoid having to individually open each of these folders, a folder merger programme can be used.
    • If you've stored your PDFs yourself, make sure that they have the same title as the one assigned by EndNote, or make sure that EndNote is set not to change the PDF name.
  8. The PDFs will now be uploaded and automatically attached to the appropriate reference.


You might also find it handy to watch the following walk-through of the tool: