Currently, Covidence retains information on a reference or study's voting history and makes it visible once all actions have been taken at a particular stage of screening; reviewers can see available information by clicking the 'View history' button on any reference. 

However, it's not currently possible to export information on voting history or records of conflicts. If you'd like to have a record of all of your reviewer conflicts before they are resolved, it is best to capture this information from the Resolve Conflicts page before the final vote. The easiest way to do this is to complete all other Title & Abstract screening before resolving conflicts, and then export a list of references from screening using the instructions provided in this article. (Please note that this export will include only the references, not information about votes or voters.)

The Export page of reviews also includes the option to export inter-rater reliability data for Title & Abstract screening and Full Text Review; there is more information on how to do this in this article.