Note: Covidence is making updates and improvements to Extraction 1. If you started extracting data in Extraction 1 before July 4th, 2023, you’ll be using the old version of Extraction 1. You can find support for the old version here.


The new quality assessment template includes:

  • The option to select the Cochrane RoB1 template or custom template.
  • The ability to customize and add domains that can apply to multiple outcome groups.
  • Access to knowledge base articles with best practice and advice on how to set up your template - just click on the (?) icon of each section.
  • Updates made to the quality assessment template will be applied to all studies


Creating a quality assessment template

To use the quality assessment template, simply navigate to the Extraction tab on the Review Summary screen and click the Create quality assessment template button to get started.

You will have the option of using the Cochrane ROB1 template or you can create a custom template.

Choosing the Cochrane RoB template populates domains in line with Cochrane’s original Risk of Bias tool for randomised controlled trials, which can be edited as required.

On the quality assessment template, you can define outcome groups. 

When extracting data for a study you can categorise outcomes that are reported into outcome groups and you can choose to assess the quality of each outcome group independently instead of for the study as a whole. 

This might be useful if you’re expecting outcome groups to differ in their risks of bias for example subjective outcomes vs objective outcomes. Below is an example of categorising an outcome for a study into an outcome group:

When assessing the quality of a study, this allows you to provide a judgement for each outcome group:

Once you are happy with the domains and outcome groups defined within the template, save the changes by clicking the Publish template button at the top of the screen. This will make the template available to all authors of the review.



Other useful links

On each section of the template, there are links to knowledge base articles providing tips on how to best set up your template. These articles are listed below: