Please note that two of our Harvard affiliate hospitals have their own institutional accounts with Covidence: Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Massachusetts Eye and Ear (MEE)

If you are an affiliate at either of these hospitals, please register for your Covidence account with these respective licenses.  As with the Harvard license, you will be able to invite collaborators from other institutions and affiliate hospitals to your institutional account reviews.  The Countway Library of Medicine Research and Instruction team is embarking on a more collaborative effort to engage with the librarians at our affiliate hospitals in the review process and registering your Covidence reviews directly with your hospital, at this point in time, is one way to assist Countway in our endeavor.

If you have a account, please register for Covidence with MEEI’s Covidence license:

If you have an account, please register for Covidence with MGH’s Covidence license: