Covidence is available to members of the University of Liege. This tool simplifies the production of reviews (systematic reviews with or without meta-analyses, scoping reviews...), in particular by supporting the process of reference selection, document evaluation, and data extraction.

To use this resource, as a member of the institution, it is necessary to create an account beforehand by following the procedure described below.

Creating your account

  1. Follow this link ;
  2. Enter your first and last name and your email address (using your or or email or
  3. address) and click "Request Invitation" (you will receive an invitation within a few minutes; if not, check your spam folder);
  4. Accept the invitation sent by email;
  5. Sign up for a Covidence account.

Once this account is created, you will be able to log in via and start as many projects as you want by clicking on "Create a new review" and follow the procedure indicated.

Learning to use Covidence

Covidence offers short tutorials to help you get started: see Getting Started with Covidence and Main steps in Covidence.


You can find useful information on this

Also, any inquiries related to the use of Covidence can be directed to

Any inquiries related to the development of reviews can be directed to for questions related to the following disciplines: pharmaceutical sciences, biochemistry and molecular and cell biology. for questions related to the following disciplines: psychological sciences, speech and language therapy, educational sciences, motor sciences, public health sciences. for questions related to the following disciplines: medicine, veterinary medicine, biomedical sciences, dental sciences.