The most common reason for abstracts to be missing in Covidence is that they are missing in the import file. We recommend checking that the abstracts are present in the file before it is imported to Covidence, and also checking the settings used to download this file from the search.


Please note that exports from Google Scholar do not include abstracts. If you have the same reference in duplicates that do have an abstract you can click on the 'not a duplicate' button which will create a new #ID number for that reference and then mark the reference without the abstract as the duplicate, using the button at the end of the title. If the DOI was imported from Google Scholar you can click on it to be taken to the journal page to view the abstract.

You can undo an import in Covidence if you have not yet begun screening. If screening is already underway, it will not be possible to undo the import. Instead, you can contact us to request a re-set of your review.