Librarians at Trinity College Dublin can assist with planning, conducting, and reporting systematic reviews and other types of research reviews.

To learn more about conducting systematic reviews at Trinity College Dublin, contact your Subject Librarian.

How to join The Library of Trinity College Dublin’s Covidence institutional license

You can create your personal sign-in information with Covidence before or after joining the institutional subscription. To request access to the institutional account in Covidence, you must use your current Trinity College Dublin email address ( 

  1. Go to this page.
  2. Enter your information (using your email address) and click “Request Invitation” link
  3. Accept the invitation in your email
  4. Log in to your existing Covidence account or sign up for a new account
  5. If you have already joined the Library of Trinity College Dublin Covidence account, then you can log into Covidence and log in with your email and password and proceed to use Covidence.

Creating a review using the Library of Trinity College Dublin’s unlimited license

After clicking the link “Create new review” you will have the option to use your personal account license or select the Library of Trinity College Dublin account.

Reviews created under the institutional license will be visible to the administrators of the Library of Trinity College Dublin Covidence account. Your personal account review(s) will only be seen by you.

Once you have created a review or accepted an invitation to another Trinity College Dublin account review, the title will appear in a separate section on your account homepage:

Getting started with Covidence

Covidence offers short video tutorials in their Knowledge Base to help you get started. See Getting Started with Covidence and Main steps in Covidence

Logged into your Covidence account and need help? Click the 'Need help?' button located in the lower right corner to access support.


The Covidence application will help in the screening part of your research review. It is particularly useful for researchers conducting a systematic review. Covidence will:

Import citationsCovidence works seamlessly with your favourite reference managers like EndNote, Zotero, Refworks, Mendeley or any tool that support RIS, CSV or PubMedXML formats. 

Screen titles and abstractsBreeze through screening with keyword highlighting & a lightning quick interface. Covidence keeps full records of who voted and also supports single or dual screeners. You can even do it on your mobile when you have a few spare minutes. 

Upload referencesTransfer PDFs stored in your reference manager to Covidence in a few clicks. 

Screen full textDecide quickly on studies in full text. Capture reasons for exclusion and any notes so you can resolve any disagreements quickly, with a click of a button. 

Create formsBe in control and stay focussed on your PICO question. Customisable extraction forms means you only spend time extracting what you need. It saves you time and money. 

Risk of BiasAutomatically populate your risk of bias tables by highlighting and commenting on text directly in your PDF. No more cut and paste. 

Do Data extractionExtract data efficiently with a side-by-side view of your customised form and PDF. Then, when you’re done, easily compare your form with other reviewers. 

ExportCovidence exports to all the common formats so you can continue your review in your preferred software.