Covidence has two tools for extracting data. Extraction 1 and Extraction 2.

Over the past year, we have enhanced Extraction 1 to create a tool specifically designed for intervention systematic reviews. These improvements were based on extensive feedback and research from experienced systematic reviewers. 

Extraction 1 is now the best data extraction tool for intervention systematic reviews, which is why it is set as the default option for systematic reviews.

Improvements made in the last 12 months

  • New data extraction and quality assessment templates
  • Changes to templates applied to all studies for consistent data collection
  • Automatic saving of extracted data
  • Improved PDF experience
  • Enhanced highlighting and annotating within quality assessment
  • Ability to select which interventions are included in a study
  • Capture intervention group names for accurate reporting
  • Define who can edit the templates
  • Direct export into RevMan

Further improvements planned

  • Export data at any stage of the process
  • Allow users to select which outcomes and timepoints are included in a study
  • Increased flexibility in selecting measures shown on each outcome table for a study
  • Remove the need to have a 2nd Reviewer extract data
  • Introduce standardized quality assessment tools, such as ROB2

Give Extraction 1 a go! Here’s how to start your pilot:

As we continue to invest in Extraction 1, your feedback is essential. To provide feedback which will influence future improvements please complete this short survey (5mins).

For more information on the difference between Extraction 1 and Extraction 2, head here