Note: Covidence is making updates and improvements to Extraction 1. If you started extracting data in Extraction 1 before July 4th, 2023, you’ll be using the old version of Extraction 1. You can find support for the old version here.


For reviews which start Extraction 1 after 4th July 2023, a new data extraction template is now available. The template has been designed for intervention reviews, however many of the fields and sections in the data extraction template can also apply to other review types. With this template, you'll easily be able to create, pilot, and update your data extraction template.

Other features of the new template include: 

  • Structured sections for intervention reviews
  • Easily customise each section by adding additional fields
  • Easy access to knowledge base articles with best practice and advice on what data to collect
  • All updates made to the template will be promoted to all studies in data extraction, supporting consistent data collection.
  • There won't be any surprises when you export, as the template is the source of truth. You can export to RevMan Web, RevMan5, CSV, and Excel.



Creating a data extraction template

To use the data extraction template, simply navigate to the Extraction tab on the Review Summary screen and click the Create data extraction template button to get started.


You can customise the template to fit your specific review needs, and once you're happy with the fields you've added, save the changes by clicking the Publish template button. Publishing the template will make the template available to all authors of the review and all changes will be applied to all studies.


Other useful links

On each section of the template, there are links to knowledge base articles providing tips on how to best set up your template. These articles are listed below: