Features we're currently supporting

  • Create and publish a data extraction template with text fields, single choice items, section headings, and section subheadings.
  • Create and publish a quality assessment template with domains.
  • View your list of included studies and
    • filter the list by tags;
    • add and remove tags;
    • merge and un-merge included studies;
    • sort your studies by author, title, and most recent.
  • Dual and single reviewer data extraction and quality assessment.
  • Consensus.
  • Updating a study’s extraction form once it has been opened. If you need to make changes to your extraction templates once it has been published you can do so at any time. Changes to your template will be applied to all studies, even those that have already been extracted. You will see the progress of the study updated once you select “publish”.

  • Export data extraction and quality assessment to a CSV with each item in a column and each study in a row. 

  • Assigning a study's extraction or consensus forms to a different reviewer.

We currently don't support the following features. Please let us know if any of those are preventing you from moving forward. 

  • Outcome specific domains, standalone prompting questions, grouping of domains or branching in quality assessment. 
  • Permissions. There's no way to restrict who can access the template, be an extractor for a study or do consensus.