Literature Search / Systematic Review Support

Librarians at the Health Sciences Library can assist with planning, conducting, and reporting systematic reviews and other types of research reviews. Our team are experienced authors with an extensive list of published systematic reviews.

To learn more about conducting research reviews, contact our Clinical & Research Librarian Team to arrange a consultation or individual or group training. See the Library Clinical & Research Support webpage for contact details & printable guides.

Create a Covidence account

1. Go to the Covidence registration page:

2. Enter your information (using your Melbourne Health, Women’s or Peter Mac email address) and click “Request Invitation” link. Victorian mental health library members should contact the Library.

3. Accept the invitation in your email

4. Sign up for a new account

5. If you have already joined the Health Sciences Library’s account, you only need to Sign In

Create a review

  1. Select “Create new review”. Add a title (this can be edited later)
  2. Select the organizational (Library – RMH|Peter Mac|RWH) account, or use your personal account

Please note that reviews created under the Library’s institutional license are visible to library administrators. Your personal account review(s) will only be seen by you.

Invite other team members

You can invite reviewers to your review at any stage by navigating to the Settings screen from the review dashboard, and clicking on the Add/Remove Reviewers link to generate an email invitation.

Video tutorials & FAQs online.